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1) There will be no talks of Glitching, Hacking, or Cheating in anyway. (In Guild Chat) This applies to all Members, including Officers. Speak at your own discretion, but keep it out of Guild Chat.  
2) If you are caught using a Third-Party Software such a Le Bot, or Mystic.. This goes for any Bot Software, just Botting Overall.. You will be Banned from the Guild without any second thoughts.

3) If you have your Gotos, PMs, Party Invites, as well as Friend Requests off AND are unresponsive we will suspect that you are Botting and you will be removed from the Guild as well as Banned, permanently.  Some of us are able to get ahold of Moderators and have you looked into, as well. So if the suspicion is there, it may be an option for us and the whole "My Sibling was playing" will not slide.  

4) If you are removed, by yourself or a Leader, more than 3 times, you are not permitted to join back. 3 is more than enough. Either be loyal, or move on with your Guild life.  

5) If you are inactive then you will be removed. The Leaders usually go through the guild members for in-actives once a week. The Leaders do not know if you are active if there's no presence in guild chat! If you have life issues to contend to please get with the leaders and let them know how long you need to be gone. Again, if the leaders do not see you in guild chat, you will be considered inactive.

6) We're all on here to have fun, and enjoy ourselves. Some ways of that is to joke around, and some of us nickname each other.. If you are soft-skinned, and can't take a joke.. You aren't for our Guild.

7) Try and keep the Drama to a minimum, if possible, keep it out completely. If you have any issues with a Guild Mate, please let a Leader know and the associated party, along with you, will all talk it over. If multiple incidents occur with you and Drama, you will be removed from the Guild.

8 ) No asking for Promotions. It is just disrespectful to those that earned without asking.

9) If you are Duffered, and would like to know the reasoning, ask a Leader nicely. Do not spam them asking why, or be disrespectful about it, and play the blame game. Talk it over that way you can understand and the Leader/Guild can hope there will be no future problems about it.

10) There should be no need for another Member to /Ignore you. We're Guild Mates, not preschoolers. So if you are being obnoxious and asked to be quiet, in a reasonable manner, and do not stop.. You will be demoted into Duffer for 30 minutes.

11) We're all Pixels, as well as the lady players.. Don't flirt with Pixels, it's weird.  

12) Keep the spam out of Guild Chat as well Discord it is unnecessary, and quite annoying.

13) I hate liars , they really get under my skin. So just keep it mature, and don't lie, please. Not going to track you down to find out if you're telling the truth, but just be mature about it and keep it truthful.  


Welcome! Our Discord Server is made for our guild in AQW. Keep in mind you're invited here to communicate with members and enjoy your stay in our server.

By joining our discord server you agree to the following rules :

1: Do not post links to other Discords, very disrespectful and unnecessary, you will be kicked if you do so.

2: Don't spam tag members of the discord, also keep spam out of Discord, it is quite annoying and it will result in you being kicked.  

3: Do not try to start arguments with others, if there's drama involved keep it between yourselves privately, we won't deal with drama and it will most likely result in a ban from the server.

4: Do not speak about private servers, bots, exploits, or any other hacking form, nor post any related links to that.

5: All bot related conversations and/or commands must be in #game-fire chat.  
If you have concerns and/or questions, please dm Dai#1737.

Disclaimer : Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

- Leaders

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